Corporate Profile

Neuracle Lifesciences was founded as a first of its kind healthcare company to ensure that the public health sector had reliable access to affordable, quality, GMP and ISO approved product. We are a mission driven, socially conscious business enterprise dedicated to serving the best quality neuropsychiatric Medicine to the patients and public health providers. Meanwhile being as the leading Neuropsychiatry Company in India, we also count in Top PCD Franchise, Pharma Franchise, Manufacturer and Supplier in India. The Indian Market is Neuracle Lifesciences’ single largest market. The company is fast growing with a well-targeted generics and brand Neuropsychiatry Medicine portfolios, as well as commercial and product development infrastructure and pharmaceutical contract services. Our leadership team is dedicated to fostering a dynamic change-driven culture committed to meeting the needs of our customers. Our organizational structure is lean and flexible. Driving quick and effective decisions. Therefore enabling the company to bring new and best Neuro Drugs in the Neuropsychiatry Market in India. Neuracle Lifesciences is not anout-dated research company. By acquiring or licensing approved, commercialized products and late-stage development therapeutics.We bring novel and needed treatments to market and to the millions of patients that need them. Neuro products that can really help people feel better—and these products can make an impact today on patients’ health and well-being.